Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Writer's Blog

In all honesty, I am not suffering from writer's block - but - rather than subject you to a double dose of me, I'd like to redirect you to a healthier single helping of moi  - just click on the link (that would be the words in different colors, Mom!) to visit Erica and Christy's blog, two midwesterners who were kind enough to interview me. And while you're there, check out what else they have to offer - they're pretty funny for a couple of Cheeseheads!


  1. (oops.) hehe...go pack! and great interview, by the way! christy

  2. Hey Mike,

    Saw your interview at erica and christy's. I finally got the chance to say hi.

    I know you from the blogs at ABNA. You crack me up with your boredom and sarcasm. You really get us going. I especially like when you get a rise out of Gae or Megan.

    Your book sounds really interesting and good luck with it. I need to go over to amazon and get a copy. I'm hoping to set up my book on create-a-space by the end of November. That is if I get my editing done by then.

    Are enjoying the blog world?

    I just set up my blog and I'm having a blast. If you've got a minute stop over to In TIme ... and say "Hi."

    See you on the threads.


  3. <3 <3 <3

    Those are either going to look like hearts or retarded birds. Either way, thanks.

  4. look like "less than threes" to me

  5. Hi Mike I am so intrigued and i have heard good (okay a lot of) things abt you from E&C and Chris.
    I just have to have you on my blog, I need to get into your head leno style.
    Don't be alarmed Chris survived it I just need to know how your pub route felt.
    Nice to meet you (am not usually this chatty)

  6. JSJ, any friend of Christine's is a friend of mine (well except for Marcie, can't stand her!)And I'd be happy (and honored) to let you in my head!