Saturday, November 6, 2010

Subliminal Saturday

Okay, since making Saturday "Self Promotion Day" there's been an elephant in the room that we might as well just talk about. His name is Alchemy. I've raised Alchemy since birth, and brought him into this world all by my self And while I love Alchemy and enjoy having him around, I know I'm guilty of pushing him off on people. Part of it is for selfish reasons, but mostly it's because I know that if Alchemy is to grow and thrive, he needs to spend time with other people. In the past year, I've gotten just about everyone I know to spend some time with Alchemy.  He's not that hard to deal with, and most claim to like him and enjoy spending a week or two with him. Problem is, I'm running out people to pawn him off on, and have to turn the general public to find new takers. It's not easy convincing people that they'll actually like taking care of a 366 page, I mean pound, elephant, so I'm looking to you to help me persuade them. So if you've already spent some time with Alchemy, could you help me out by spreading the word that he's not that hard to take care of?

And if YOU want to take Alchemy home, just click here: Adopt an Elephant or here: Adopt an Elephant for Less


  1. Why have I always imagined Alchemy as a she? (probably because all your friends are women?)

  2. Nice piece of advertising Mike.

    Good luck finding him a home.


  3. okay, okay. i'll take him. i mean her. erica is totally right on that one. one page a day doesn't seem so bad. i mean hard. i mean i'm sure i'll completely enjoy it/her. one year, but that's it. i'll click, so hand her over. or i suppose she'll come in the mail?

  4. I thought Alchemy was more like a 220 pound manatee.