Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blogapalosers...and winner!

Happy Veterans’ Day! I know I should be posting a serious piece on the service and sacrifice exhibited by all of our brave men and women, but I've decided that since next year it will be on 11/11/11 (a great visual to remember all the “ones” who have served our country) I should save it until then.  So today I will (ab)use the freedoms that they fought so hard for and continue with the silliness by giving out some prizes...
First, I'm happy to announce that the winner of our first ever Blogapalooza is... 

 Congratulations! A lovely gift basket will soon be heading your way, just in time for regifting for the holidays!  As for the rest of you blogapalosers, there's still a second chance to take home  the best prize in the pack – all you need to do is click here and enter the required info and you are guaranteed a copy of my book.  How do you like them apples? By the way, the common phrase among all eight bloggers was “no rhyme or reason.” We tried throwing in a couple of red herrings (literally, some of us used the phrase red herring) but no one was tricked.  Nice work people!

Finally, stay tuned for some rather unusual upcoming events. I have several potentially embarrassing (for me) things in the works, all aimed at promoting the book. The first is scheduled for Jan. 10th, where I will be performing a one-man show (with the help of two other men) at the Huntington Street CafĂ©. It’s based on a short story that I wrote (available here). There will be two performances: 6:00-7:30 and 8:00-9:30. Tickets are $5 and there will be a cash bar (beer and wine.)

Have a great day, and be sure to thank a veteran


  1. LOLOL Lov the way you pick the winner Mike!! Forgot to enter.. so I think I am a "loser" too . Congrats to James! Ghiredelli Chocolates are awesome.. so is the book :-)

  2. Hey, you touched something I once touched. I feel all warm and fuzzy now. Oh, and have I been mentioned in ALL of your biggest loser vlogs? I believe I have. . .
    (yeah, I know, I said I wouldn't watch this. The suspense was killing me.)

  3. Savaaaaaaaaage! And such fun! Were those seriously the chocolates I ordered? They arrived already? According to Amazon they're supposed to be there sometime next week!

  4. Erica! You rule following cheater!

    Mike - I had the pleasure of being a loser in one of your other contests. It was never so much fun to lose.
    You never told us what the repeated phrase was - I thought I knew what it was but only made it to your blog and Lisa's so I didn't enter! I wanted to know if I was right!

  5. I'm a loser! Yay me! And thanks for pronouncing my name correctly.

  6. Hey, congrats to the winner! It was great checking out everyone's blog and meeting chatty people like moi. ;-)

  7. *rolls eyes* Third loser, eh? I want to see a picture of James in the knee socks. Can that be arranged? great contest!

  8. Mike,

    Too funny! Yes i'm the nice guy loser ... I actually thought I had a chance after not being one of the first ten or so. Oh, well, congrats to James. I liked the process of the last one being picked the winner. It was fun contest.


  9. Mike, my name is pronounced Meeeegan. Just so you know. And this is an annual contest?

  10. Thanks everyone, you're all winners in my book - of course MY book is self-published, so that don't mean shit, but're in it!

    and sorry MEEEEgan, it will never happen eeeeegain