Monday, December 30, 2013

Easy as Falling Off a Blog

How long has it been since my last blog post? So long, the Giants had yet to play  (and lose) their first game. So long, two full seasons have come and gone. So long, my stepdaughter graduated high school and finished her first semester at Seton Hall. And so long, I needed the site host to send me a password reminder to access my own blog!

But what’s 6 months in the grand scheme of things?  Women who conceived the last time I posted (not that there’s a connection) are still pregnant. The high-yield bank CD’s you purchased are still maturing.  And people are STILL listening to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” – so really, what’s the big deal?  We can pick up right where we left off…

Which was with me crying like a little titty baby at Julianna’s awards ceremony. Since then, I have only cried once (at the end of Toy Story 3) and she has not won any other awards, unless you count Starbucks Rewards. As for the other kid, he graduated to a “big boy” bed and continued to make us laugh at his antics and wisdom, and still refused to try mashed potatoes.

Speaking of which, Thanksgiving was yummy. Halloween was fun. Christmas was wonderful. Our Labor Day picnic was a great success - in fact, only yesterday, I found a stray cooler in the yard with about a dozen beers frozen in the ice like little mastadons.   And Renee continued to strike, this time filling my yard with red Solo cup holiday sculptures.

Other than that, it’s been business as (un)usual.  I still enjoy my job, hate my cat, and love my wife. I rode lots of miles on my bike, and damaged many body parts in the process. I made the final payment on our ridiculously expensive couch, but then bought a ludicrously overpriced mattress set. I had to say goodbye to some really great people, but also got to meet some pretty good ones as well. Especially at the Mikula wedding in Aruba! But basically, life went on, whether I blogged about it or not.

Yes, I’m back. But I’m not making any promises. At least not about blogging.  Though I AM going to use this forum to declare my resolutions for 2014. Which are…drumroll please….

1.     Finish two books (whether that mean writing them or reading them, only time will tell!)
2.     See more live music! Prince was just in the area for three straight nights, and while we talked about seeing him, that was it. I’ve got friends, who as I type, are driving 1200 miles to see a mid-level jam band, yet I couldn’t even make the effort to head upstate to see a legend? Lame.
3.     Share more of my heart (and spleen!) with others
4.     Lose ten pounds by Spring (and if I don’t, I will PAY $10 to every person who comments below!)

So, there you have it. 6 months summed up in six paragraphs. I’m sure I missed a lot, but I'm pretty sure I enjoyed it all!