Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Cativersary!

It's been one year since Steve the Cat showed up on our front porch, so in honor of our First Cativersary, I wrote the following poem:

You shed
and shred
and lay upon
my bed

You leave things 
that are dead 
in places you
know I'll tread

You puke up on the rug
and drink from Eli's mug
You give the plants a tug
and sound gross eating a bug

You sit on my knees
and make my wife sneeze
you bring in ticks and fleas
and gave us poison ivy

Your claws are lethal cutters
You're always licking butter
You chase anything that flutters
and ignore all of my mutters

Your nine lives are eight too many
and I've seen better tails on a penny
If it were up to me, we wouldn't have any
When it comes to pets, a goldfish would be plenty

But since my kids love you so much
I'll ignore the scratches on the hutch
But give my leg lamp another touch
and you'll be walking with a crutch!