Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Not Quite a Swan Song - More like a Loon-y Tune

Following the advice of a writer friend, I've decided to cut back on my blogging in order to focus on some "real" writing - not that this hasn't been real, or fun, just that the time spent discussing big toes and Jell-O might be better spent elsewhere. So to make some room on my schedule, I will be dropping the Saturday edition of this blog and using either Tuesday or Thursday to rerun some stuff (mostly my old newspaper columns, which should be new to most of you anyway), which leaves only one day for fresh content - but more time to work on something more substantial (note how I'm hesitant to say "next book", but that's really what it is - but that's all I'm saying for now!)

Of course,  I reserve the right to post whenever I damn well feel like it, but thought I should give you all a heads up, seeing as how supportive you've been. And for the three of you who don't yet have it, you can always pass your blog-less Saturdays reading my novel, Alchemy.

Oh, and I should point out that many of the "reruns" will deal with dating, which strangely enough, were written after I was married! Go figure. Point is, I think you'll enjoy reading them, just don't read anything into them. And for the record, I am very happily married, recent threats of going Shining on my family notwithstanding!


  1. No, please not Saturdays!!! Can't it be the Tuesday or Thursday that is dropped instead if you must drop a day?

  2. thanks anonymous, but before I can entertain your suggestion, i need a name, that way I can say, "Sorry, _______________, the answer is no"